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May 08 2020
Black Madonna

Watch the new music video for “Black Madonna” now!

In a time where people are looking for connection more than ever, and with it not being possible, it forces a new perspective. This music video was directed by lead singer Matthew Shultz and edited entirely over Zoom during the quarantine/social distancing. The project started when COVID-19 began gaining traction and forced remote production so we repurposed a lot of existing never-before-seen footage/up-cycled content to make something new. Additionally, we worked with 15 collaborators over the past 8 weeks to have them contribute or create content, also while in isolation. The collaborators included some of the top up-and-coming photographers and directors across the globe (i.e. Josh Charow, Andrea Gavazzi, Landon Yost, Citizen Kane Wayne) all the way to an award-winning Guggenheim fellow and Academy Award-nominee, Kasumi.

Director: Matthew Shultz
Executive Producers: Daniel Oakley + Matthew Shultz
Director of Photography: Mika Matin
Assistant Director: Sophia Lauer
Director of Still Photography / Analog FX: Citizen Kane Wayne
Editor / VFX: Michael Rees
Set Designer / SFX Makeup: Ben Rittenhouse
Production Coordinator: Jenna Mitchell
Gaffer: Bennett Self
Wardrobe / Seamstress: Elliott Weaver
Makeup: Erin Strange
Josh Charow
Citizen Kane Wayne
Matt Emmi
Andrea Gavazzi
Pooneh Ghana
Sophia Lauer
Mika Matin
Dante Norris
Sarah Penson
Ben Rittenhouse
Lyrie Wang
Elliott Weaver
Landon Yost